Christina Springer is an Alt.Black Artist using:

texts, paint, sculpture, textile design, theatre, video and other visual expressions.

Alt.Black is both the way in which the dominant culture insists she perform her identify & the trans-genre, cross-disciplinary manner in which she communicates.

What I'm Doing

Who I Am

In 2018, I started making my fabric designs for Rebrand The Past available on everyday objects. I started off in a little Etsy shop which grew and grew. It did so well, and I was so pleased with the response that I founded Mmmm By C Springer, Inc.

Mmmm normalizes new Black aesthetics by manifesting diaspora designs, and a uniquely Black womanist voice in our homes, home furnishings and on the go.

Both shops are still available. Mmmm Yes! has higher end luxury goods like leather handbags, silk scarves and furniture.

I realized not everyone can afford "fine art." But, certainly, a pair of socks or a throw pillow were in reach. Mmmm guarantees that everyone can have a piece of Black art to adorn themselves or their home. Because we deserve to see ourselves everywhere, and most especially at home.