Rebrand The Past

For The Non-Believers

Rebrand the Past, is an ongoing collection of paintings, ritual objects, everyday tools, garments, temple icons and videos, from a museum in our Black womanist utopian future. It was made possible, in part, through grants from Advancing The Black Arts In Pittsburgh, a partnership program of The Pittsburgh Foundation and The Heinz Endowments and the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, Artist Opportunity Grant.

There's a great new podcast out there, Creative Coasts. A father / daughter team interviewing artists of all kinds from coast to coast. I was delighted to spend time talking with them about all kinds of things especially Rebrand The Past and this first iteration of the project, Futuristic Relics & Motherboards Sacred. Tune in here.

The Real Story

This is an experiment.

Through manipulations of space and time, Springer has called into being and manifested the relics and artifacts on display. The Timestream Authorities chose late 20th/ early 21st century artist Christina Springer to receive these Memory Transfer Transmissions from 31st century Egunographers because of her work consistently tugged on the Cosmic Loom.

​These works exist due to Memory Transfer Sessions from 31st Century Egunographers. The relics on display are from circa 3017 long after White Plight swept across the world causing the extinction of all Whypipo, including but not limited to, those who self-identified as, were in active collusive alignment with or had been assigned Whiteness. Discovered between 2980 and 3017 by Mami-Commander Svaha Irie, the relics date between 2100 and 2400, the end of White Plight.

The History Of The Future

White Plight

White plight spread swiftly causing mass extinction. It took many forms. What 21st Century researchers did not know, was that the external symptoms were irrelevant. Centuries of Systemic Unlove had caused mutations rendering Whypipo (and many Pick-Mes) vulnerable to a wide variety of ailments.

During The Dangerous Times, rather than focus attention on repairing and healing Systemic Unlove, Whypipo devoted vast amount of resources on researching the symptoms. These studies provided no new information or useful data. Instead, they lulled the population into a sense of making progress. In addition, they validated White Plight as an isolated psychological issue able to be managed and cured with therapy or pharmaceutical treatment.

The only treatment for White Plight was considered unscientific, especially because it was made known to the population by Community Developers, Culture Workers and Proto-SpiriTechs. The Timestream Authorities attempted two separate AlignNAtone Energy Tunings. Few White-aligned or White-assigned persuns responded.

White Plight was energetic cellular dissonance. A mutation caused by the persistent insistence to vibrate emotionally and spiritually in obstinate, willful oblivious opposition to universally accepted principles of harmony with divine natural order. Their vibration clashed so violently with the world itself, that they literally tore themselves apart from the inside out over a period of generations. To remain out of alignment for so many centuries mutated the genes beyond repair and ultimately resulted in extinction.


A huge problem associated with White Plight was resource hoarding. For clarification, resources can be intellectual, spiritual, emotional and/or physical.

The most egregious knowledge hoarding occurred just prior to The Dangerous Times. African descended people had a special and divine connection to math-science. Some examples include: the invention of numbers (especially zero), algebra, geometry; the use of binary in African Timestream communication; and the Dogon knowledge of DNA strands. It is theorized that the fear of Black math-science intensified with mid 20th century space travel. As a result, every effort was made to exclude them from the field while simultaneously increasing their dependence on it. A Digital Divide was created and everything was done to widen it. Most Community Developers, Cultural Workers and Proto-SpiriTechs saw it coming.

“If the world as we know it collapsed tomorrow, a womyn with some seashells, feathers, beads, copper wire, assorted lids from jars long disappeared, her will and the ancestor’s blessings would put it back together in a matter of hours.”

~ Christina Springer, Cultural Developer

And so it was. And so it had to be. Welcome to the future.

Every object in both iterations, Futuristic Relics & Motherboards Sacred and Ritual | Life : Order & Systems is accompanied by a narrative channeled by a egunographer which explains the object and how it is used in the future.