Ritual | Life : Systems & Order

Phase 2

The next iteration, Ritual | Life: Order & Systems deals more with everyday life and social structures. This is the section of the museum where the viewer gets to see clothing, maps, household appliances, economic systems, sewer system diagrams. The majority of these objects will come from the Renewal Period (2200 - 2500) and the Balancia Epoch, (2817 - 2917.)

I have been actively working with this timestream for 5 years. It is an ever-expanding world, much like what Star Trek may have felt like to Gene Roddenberry. More importantly, doing this work brings me great joy and hope for our future.

​As an artist and activist, I feel as if my role is to deliver a road map. When heteronormative, patriarchal White Supremacy has been obliterated, what do we do next? What are we working for? When we achieve social justice, what does it look like? What are we creating? How will our cultural work now influence future generations?

Futuristic Relics & Motherboards Sacred answered these questions. ​I hope Ritual | Life: Order & Systems will expand upon these answers.