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She Diva Died. & Come Again?, 2014

This production in two acts used poetry, movement, video and music.

Synopsis: In another life, He Mama was a fascinating person that everyone called She Diva. He Mama doubts that She Diva ever truly existed. But, raising a Black boy is surreal. She begins to understand that this is an art form unto itself. Everyday, no matter what she does, the world around her sends negative subliminal messages about Black males.

He Mama witnesses as her son spends the majority of his early life dressing as anything but a Black boy. One night, Billy Strayhorn visits her in a dream with a very special message. Inspired by this dream, she begins to trying to unravel the mystery that is this child.

This performance art piece is a love letter to my son and Black boys everywhere. It is my formal declaration to nurture and support and encourage him as a future leader, innovator, creative, healing force in for this world. My journey to understanding that my children are the most beautiful thing I will ever create.


Given The Circumstances, 2019

Given The Circumstances is an experimental film about Justice, a black woman who understands her world is in so much trouble that all she can do is get in the bath; swim down the drain; and into the future where she can live happily ever after as a mermaid in the open sea. This piece is part of Rebrand The Past and is a prequel to stories about Justice, a proto-SpiriTech and founder of The Oceanic Institute and the process she developed for Marine Matriculation and water healing. Collaborating with Christina on this project were her son Windafire and Norman D. Nunley Jr.

Given The Circumstances was shown as part of “New Archives: Visions & Voices from AWC Lab” is a collection of collaborative works by Pittsburgh and New York artists, on view at Carnegie Library Main (Oakland) Jan 26- Mar 3, 2019. It was also included as part of Streaming Space on May 8, 2019 in Market Square Pittsburgh. The screenings happened all day. Streaming Space, a collaborative work by artists Alisha B. Wormsley and Ricardo Iamuuri Robinson, transforms Market Square into a space for video, performance, and sound that encourages healing and reflection. The 24-foot-tall truss pyramid holds mounted LED screens that display meditative video montages of nature and space, and show vintage jazz concerts and films, as well as highlight the work of local futurist artists. An accompanying soundtrack, created by the artists, emits from speakers inside of the pyramid.

Unlisted: Second Steel / Hill District Site, 2014

This was an interesting collaboration. It was difficult for me to balance my feelings about the use of art to pave the way for gentrification. As an uncompromisingly liberated Black artist, I brought my full self to the project which gave it a certain element of tension. The problem with that, however, is authentic tension is often not being sought by the funders of these pieces. There's this video. It gives me a laugh because a good portion was edited out. The character I created for myself was Ghost Of Prosper's Mother Who Is Also The Spirit Of The Hill. My son, Windafire, in his second collaboration with me, created the character of Prosper, a young boy who was displaced by gentrification.

I am happy to have the documentation of the origins of a poem which was later published in Eyedrum Periodically. Read the poem here! Here are the notes I took from one of the collaborator's meetings.

Miko Kuro's Midnight Tea - Mumbai, 2013

Natasha Marin's Miko Kuro's Midnight Tea is an experimental art "happening" that involves time, technology, and tea. Guests collaborated with featured artists (The Mumbai Twelve) to create a one-of-a-kind art ritual.

12 Artists

12 Hours

Once in a Lifetime.

This event began at the Tao Gallery in Worli on Saturday and ended at the Lakeeren Gallery in Colaba on Sunday.